Monday, July 12, 2010

Oklahoma to Connecticut...The Journey begins

The only blog I have ever had was my xanga in high school. Trust me, it was not a pretty picture-bad poetry and more angst than a Twilight novel (why do all the actors constantly look constipated or about to cry? good thing the werewolf guy is hot or I would be seriously concerned about why people love these movies/books so much)

Well, I am a married housewife (on sabbatical counselor who is currently figuring out what to do with her life) with way too much time on her hands who was just plucked from her cowboy corner of the world in Tulsa, OK and transported to Connecticut. Why? My husband is a doctor and he must learn important doctoring skills at a local hospital so back in March when we found out we are moving to Connecticut... well, first thing we did was book a mission trip and an extended stay in Europe...seriously. Talk about bad decision making (or awesome decision making, depending on who you talk to aka me). We spent the month before moving helping in Southeast Asia and eating way too many desserts, pastries, and butter filled recipes in Europe and when we finally rolled ourselves off the plane it was time to pack up and move across the United States. It is a 24 hour drive from Tulsa to Connecticut and we needed to make this happen with two cranky cats, one nervous and chocolate craving wife and one neurotic husband who got to drive the 26 foot truck. Oh and my mother (you may think this is a bad thing but you have not met my mother and thus do not understand her awesomeness)

The drive wasn't so bad really. I discovered that I could listen to podcasts through the car radio with my handy ipod connector thingy so I spent many hours listening to my old vegetarian podcasts that I downloaded when I actually WAS a vegetarian (about a year ago). Considering I just spent the last month in Southeast Asia eating enough lamb to make Anthony Bourdain pause (against my will since I despise lamb) and gobbling up duck, steak and anything that ever dared to produce the makings of cheese in Europe, I felt quite guilty but was actually really entertained. The woman who does the podcasts is very intelligent and every time I listen I think "hmm...maybe I will go back to not eating meat" BUT then I remember how good gooey ribs dripping with bbq sauce are or steak with balsamic vinegar and goat cheese (I warned you I have a thing for cheese) and my willpower tells my conscience to shut up and pass the meat (but not lamb cause that's gross).

Compassionate Cooks (for those of you who are vegetarian or just want a good dose of guilt)