The Cast of Characters

The Displaced Southerner:
My name is Stephanie, Steph, Stephleupagus, etc and I started this blog after I found out that I would be moving from my beloved Oklahoma (I ignore the haters, Oklahoma is awesome) to the foreign land up north aka Connecticut for my husband's residency. We bought a house and now here I am. I cook a ton, garden a bit and am currently trying to become a runner-I am failing massively but succeeding wonderfully at whining about it. I am working on my Ph.D. so I should have plenty to do but instead I end up watching large quantities of Food Network and/or Bravo and looking at cat pictures with funny captions ( for those who are not yet educated in it's awesomeness). I am just a Southern girl who is trying to figure out the art of marriage, home owning, cooking, gardening, education and life.

The Cause of the Move (aka my husband, Logan):
We got married in December 2009 after dating since 9th grade-we were sure by that point that we wouldn't get sick of each other :) He is doing his residency in dermatology so he tells me/my friends/family/strangers to wear sunscreen a lot and gets mad when I mention the word "tanning"-can I help it if I prefer my legs not to blind people with their whiteness? I think not. He is pretty much wonderful and is the lucky recipient of almost all my cooking (and unfortunately for him, he also has to listen to all my whining about running/gardening).

The Cats:
Tempest (the tempestuous)

She may look harmless but she is a moody, bitchy kitty and I love her. She is totally my cat and I find it adorable when she suddenly wants to bite after being petted.

Bella (I had her before Twilight craze thank you very much so no, I did not name her after submissive, annoying female book characters)
Bella is the sweetest, most loving cat ever. Seriously, all you have to do is walk by her and she starts purring. She is a bit...voluptuous...aka the vet calls her fat but I love her. She is totally Logan's cat and he gets really huffy when Tempest is mean to her, which is kind of all the time because Tempest is a bitchy kitty.

The sometimes visitors due to the fact that I put out a lot of bird feeders:
Did you know raccoons eat birdseed? Me neither
Tiny little possum that looks like Harry Potter-see his lighting bolt scar?