Saturday, September 17, 2011

Less than 24 hours...

This time tomorrow *hopefully* I will have run/walked/crawled 13.1 miles in under the 3 hour time limit. I am starting to get nervous but I admit, under all the nerves is excitement. I am excited to see if I can do it, if I can push myself past my comfort zone, if I can avoid passing out during mile 4.

I picked up my race packet yesterday. I was very dismayed to see all the other people there were crazy skinny and looked really tough (so much for my plan of getting a piggy back ride when I get tired). They looked like they ate 13.1 miles for breakfast and then went out for a quick 23 mile run afterwards. Yikes. I was a bit self conscious, especially when I picked up my race number and the shirt lady then said "Large right?" I was thinking "Oh my goodness! She knows!!" then I realized that it was written on the back of my race number...yes, I am a goober.

Good news is that the shirts are super cute. I'll take a picture of it for the race recap and post it. It's long sleeved and sweat wicking so it will be great for winter runs.

I can't help but think that only a few months ago I was so excited that I ran 5 miles and now I am prepping to run 13 tomorrow. There is free beer after the race-I think I may need one now.


  1. If free beer after running 13.1 miles doesn't keep you going, I don't know what will!!! Seriously, enjoy yourself. I did my first half in March and I thought I was going to die from being so nervous. Have fun!!

  2. YAY!! So excited for you :-) Even if the race closes and the weather sucks or any other obstacle comes up, simply going (and all your dedication up until now!) has been so inspirational. You are amazing and can't wait to hear a recap when you kill this thing!