Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snowy Weather

January 2011in Connecticut is officially not only the most snowy January on record, but also the most snowy month ever in Connecticut. My first New England winter and it is a record breaker :) How ridiculous! I love snow and most people say to just enjoy it...but I can't. My husband doesn't have the option of not going into work so we get up at 4am to shovel the driveway and then I proceed to worry while he drives into work and then worry some more when he drives back home. It also makes me painfully miss Oklahoma. I love how Oklahoma gets a few inches of snow and everything shuts down and then in a few days temperatures rise to the 50s and it all melts. We got over two feet of snow on Christmas and it is still here. There have been several mid level storms since then and  last night we had another foot and a half. It has been so cold that only negligible amounts have melted so the snow banks are getting huge. I haven't kept up with shoveling my deck so it has chest level snow on it.
My deck is under there can't even see the chiminea anymore!
Before the big snow last night, I had decided my new project would be clearing the deck so I could at least sit outside and enjoy the crisp, cool weather with a nice chiminea fire. That plan may have to be put on hold because once snow is this deep it is such a pain to shovel (although I may try since Logan is on call on Saturday).
My point in writing this is just to say that moving up north from the south is really hard and there are tons of things to adjust to but all you can do is make it work (Tim Gunn is a wise man). Yeah, I am less than thrilled about having multiple feet of snow on the ground but it is giving me a chance to learn how to cross country ski and how cool is that? There is a store up the road that rents equipment and people from my neighborhood ski through the woods behind our houses and there are tons of cross country skiing places around CT, many within just a few miles. This winter has really been a challenge (and it is not even over!) but all we can do is rise to the occasion with a smile. I miss my home...but I am slowly making a new one.
Happy Trails,


  1. I think you just need to get a big box (or something flat and as tall as you) open the door to the deck and start pushing until all the snow just falls off the side. Must say, I don't think I'll be visiting Connecticut in the winter!

  2. The problem is that it has been so cold that the bottom layer is frozen but I think I may try a few different methods tomorrow. Hopefully something will work!

  3. Love the blog!! You are completely and totally fantastic! Now, what you need are some really big heaters or really big drunken friends (surely Logan has some large very frustrated, angry, fellow resident/friends who would be willing to shovel for food and booze). Sending you many warm thoughts and much love from down south xxxooo mom

  4. Steph, I love your blog. I am technologically inept and I cannot figure out how to get an email or something when you post so that I can be a good regular reader. Reading it makes me miss you. You sound so happy baking all sorts of deliciousness and enjoying your still new marriage. I can't wait to come visit although I am praying that some miracle happens and all the ridiculous snow will be completely gone. We have had a crazy winter too. Not as much snow as you guys, but a lot, and I got my first cold day ever off of school cause the temp was -7. We know how much I enjoy cold. I can't wait till you and the other gals come and squish into my apartment and have the best weekend ever just catching up and being us. You should bring a fun dessert recipe that we can make together or even a good meal one. We can have fun cooking and hanging out. Kat tells me the piano bar is a requirement so i am excited for that too. Miss you! Amy