Friday, July 15, 2011

Running vs Harry Potter? I choose Potter

I had a really hard run today...and it's Harry Potter's fault. My training schedule only called for a 4 mile run and I have done several of these pretty easily-I am talking about full on awesome runs where I don't want to die continuously. But today I really wanted to just keel over and I blame it on Harry Potter and his siren call to the movie theater. Even though I grew up in the hellbeast heat of Oklahoma, the summer here in Connecticut feels mighty hot so I try to get my runs out of the way early in the morning/evening. This morning instead of running I went to the theater and saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (IMAX and 3D, which was kinda silly because there wasn't much 3D) and IT.WAS.AWESOME!!! If you're a fan, you definitely should go see it. I can't believe that there will never be another movie or book...sad :(
After the wonderful and epic movie, I got back home and it was already up to 92 degrees but I figured that is almost cool in Oklahoma so I suited up and headed out after scrounging in the kitchen for a frozen vita top and a tortilla with cheese and salsa-let me tell you, not the greatest running food choices.
So delicious...only 100 calories so I can eat 4 right?
There are those days where it feels like your miles fly by and then there are days where it feels like you are running and running and running and it equals .10 miles. Today was the latter. First off, there is some major TMI coming your way so you may want to vacate...okay, so I never wear shorts while running because they ride up but today I was doing laundry so it was a shorts day. I figured how bad could it be right? but unfortunately I also wore the world's worst underwear apparently because everything was ridding up and I felt like I was flashing my entire neighborhood. Oh yeah, I was running in my area so I was really unhappy with the idea of my shorts ridding up AT.ALL. because my neighbors really don't need to see my pasty white upper thighs. Ick. I finally finished the run and dragged myself into the house stuck my head in the refrigerator and retired to the couch where I sat soaked in sweat for a good hour (don't worry future guests, I cleaned the couch after!).
Logan and I have the GE 5K run this weekend so we will be styling our OU gear and I'll be sure to do a recap afterward. I really don't plan to push it since I have to do a 6 mile run the day after so I just want to finish under 40 minutes since it's suppose to be ungodly hot again on Sunday. Sunday I also have the Women's World Cup final to look forward to which is good since I may still be mourning the loss of Harry Potter :)
Great books, great movies...end of an era :(

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