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GE 5K Road Race Recap

I survived! I didn't finish last! They had snow cones!
Those statements pretty much sum up my race experience. It was so much fun and a great experience. I don't think I'll be one of those people who does a race every weekend (too poor for that) but I think I would like to do a few a year. I really want to do the Turkey Trot-a 5K that happens on Thanksgiving morning. I inhale about a billion calories on Thanksgiving so I figure 3.1 miles will cancel out all that damage...right? Also, there is this race called the Warrior Run that happens all over the country. It is a mud run where you, quite obviously, run in the mud and also navigate around lots of obstacles. Fun stuff.

Anyway, on with the recap!
We got up pretty early since the race was held in Plainville, a city about 40 minutes away. We ate a light breakfast of English muffins with peanut butter and applesauce (a favorite of mine). We these got awesome moisture wicking shirts--yay for free swag!--when we picked up our numbers but we decided to wear our OU gear race day. My OU shirt has brought me luck before so I figured it would help me reach my goals. I chose to do 3 goals: one that is pretty easily attainable (finishing under 40 minutes), one that I would have to work for (finishing under 36 minutes), and one that would basically take a miracle to happen (finishing under 30 minutes). Yes,  I'm slow- you think I was kidding all those times I compared myself to a turtle? Yeah, I wasn't.
Boomer Sooner!! School pride? I haz it.

Run Logan Run!
We got there around 8am since the race started at 9. There were tons of vendors there-Dunkin Doughnuts, Rita's Frozen Custard, Dairy Queen, some massage place and tons of other stuff. They were handing out lots of free food and drinks but we didn't partake since nothing begs throwing up on the side of the road like a chili dog. There were about 4000 people participating in the race or walk (a modified 1.3 mile course) so we just wandered around people watching, checking out the vendors and listening to the band. Around 8:45 we headed over to the race start point. I have to admit I was starting to get really nervous because even though it wasn't even 9am, it was already 90+ degrees and absolutely cloudless thus resulting in major, major hotness...ick. We hung out at the start line for a while and ran into a guy from Nebraska who spotted our OU shirts. It was funny because he said that it was one time that OU and Nebraska could come together. After listening to the president of GE talk and also Dr. Petit (the race was to benefit the Petit Family Foundation-info below)
The Petit Family Foundation honors the memories of Jennifer Hawke-Petit, Hayley Elizabeth Petit, and Michaela Rose Petit by continuing the kindness, idealism and activism that defined their lives. The Foundation's funds are given to foster the education of young people, especially women in the sciences; to improve the lives of those affected by chronic illnesses, and to support efforts to protect and help those affected by violence.
After a home invasion on July 23, 2007, Jennifer Hawke, Hayley Elizabeth, and Michaela Rose Petit tragically lost their lives. Hayley, and later on Michaela, were dedicated to community service and charitable giving, especially with the MS Society in support of their mother's illness. After their deaths, the Foundation was created as a means of continuing on their work and spirit.
All proceeds from this event will go to the Foundation.

The starting gun sounded....and we were still standing there. One minute later....still standing. Finally after two minutes we finally got going. Our race numbers had this cool chip in them that would sense when we passed the start line and the finish line so we could have an accurate time that isn't based on the gun start. I have read in tons of running blogs about how the biggest mistake a new runner can make is going too fast starting out. Yeah...I read all about that but still did it. *le sigh* it is just so hard not to! There are runners all around you and you have all this adrenaline so I kept a 9 minute mile pace for about a mile and then the heat finally got to me and I had to take a walk break. It was the hottest weather I have ever run in...gross. The course was not really that pretty, mainly just through neighborhoods and main streets but it was fine. The people in the houses we ran by had set up their sprinklers to "rain" on the runners....IT WAS AWESOME!!! Whoever thought of that: major kudos! I had decided not to bring my fancy new water bottle because there would be water stations at every mile marker. I grabbed some water at the first water station and kept trudging along. I would jog some but definitely had to take some walk breaks pretty often. At mile 2 I was so sad because they were temporarily out of water and I didn't want to stick around to wait. I figured it was only one mile more so I could tough it out. The last mile was really hard-so hard, so hot-but we survived. I crossed the finish line at 35.57-this is actually a pretty decent time for me, but I definitely want to improve next time. Logan came in about 20 seconds later.
After picture, you can't tell that we are literally dripping sweat and completely soaked. It was gross.
 I grabbed a bottle of water (I seriously love free stuff) and had to sit down since I was feeling really woozy. Jeff Galloway, my favorite running guru, says that for every 5 degrees over 60 degrees, you can expect it to slow you down 30 seconds/mile. 35.57 minutes works out to an average of 11.5 minute mile so with the 94 degree heat, I'm pretty happy. Plus, I met two of my goals. I use to reward myself with delicious food but I am trying to mend my ways so I based my rewards on cool stuff. If I met my first goal of under 40 minutes, I got my much coveted Bondi Band. It says "Will run for cupcakes", Logan think it's silly but I think it's hilarious! I have to admit, one thing I love about running is that it torches quite a few calories so I get to eat yummy cupcakes with no guilt. If I met my second goal of 36 minutes (I did it! barely...but still...winning!) I get to order the awesome spibelt (a running pouch that fits tons of stuff-I have wanted one since I read about it on and I kinda like to have lots of stuff with me on a run...gum, inhaler, phone, keys, chapstick, etc). Since I met two goals I got my lovely prizes! If I had gotten my last goal of under 30 minutes, I got a massage...but no go on that...guess I'll have to convince Logan to give me one.

After we finished we walked around the food area again and got some Sobe Life Water, which was actually really delicious and sugar free! As we were drinking our sobe, we ran into more Oklahoma connections! A really nice couple whose daughter went to OU for school and now works in OKC. I can't say how awesome it is to have these little moments of home, it's a small world. There was tons of food being offered but honestly, it was so hot and we were so sweaty that not much sounded good. We grabbed a couple bananas and some oranges and after a while we grabbed a couple snow cones that really hit the spot. I haven't had a snow cone in forever because I can't find anywhere that sells them in CT. It's crazy because you see snow cone shacks everywhere in Oklahoma. I have tons of happy memories of the college group heading over the the shack across of Classic 50s and getting snow cones. They had so many delicious flavors....mmm....totally love snow cones. We sat in the shade under a big tree and listened to some of the awards ceremony,needless to say we did not win anything :) but it was fun listening to the crazy fast times that some people produced. The winner was a guy who completed the course in 15 minutes and 38 crazy!!! I was still working on mile 2 at that time....absolutely ridiculous. I will never be a race winner but I am really inspired to improve my time next time. I do think that some cooler weather will help my running time but also more training can't hurt.

Speaking of training, I am officially in week 2 of training for the Surftown Half Marathon and I am still on the fence about registering. The miles are going okay but after this weekend's 5K I can't wrap my mind around the idea of going for another 10 miles. I think the next few weeks will help me decide since my distances are getting higher. As always, I'll keep you posted. This blog kinda helps me stay accountable and I really appreciate all the feedback I have gotten-y'all are awesome.

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