Sunday, June 19, 2011

10 Observations from my first 5 mile run

I did my first 5 mile run today!! I know plenty of people out there run 5 miles easily with their eyes closed and with only one leg  (those people are being ignored) but this is a definite first for me and I am tickled pink by it. Instead of a typical recap I decided to let y'all know my observations from my run today.

1. There are lots of creepy old ladies out there. Their smiles freak me out and I swear one looked like this today but with bright old lady red lipstick:
"Hello dearie...yes, in matter of fact, I will eat your soul"
2. If you drink quite a bit of water plus run more than your poor, tired, weak body is used to then the following is possible: throwing up. Bad news: you throw up, yuck. Good news: it tastes mainly like water. I was really really REALLY lucky that no one was around and I was in the woods portion of the trail, it was tres embarrassing.

3. When rinsing out your mouth do not under any circumstances accidentally spit out your gum. I was so sad when I saw it on the ground...for a millisecond I considered rinsing it off and putting it back in my mouth *shame face* I didn't (probably because I knew I would need that water crazy bad by the end of the run) but totally considered it.

4. For the love of God bring some gosh darn tissues!!!

5. When you see two baby raccoons on the trail, you may want to give up your life of running (and having a normal house) and take them with you to love and cherish. No I didn't take this picture, I can barely fit my keys in my tiny running pouch, let alone a camera.
"I can haz cuddle?" Yes, yes you can.
6. When you are almost done with your run do not stumble on a high school running track because you will loose your senses and add another mile to original run total (I was only planning on doing 4 miles today...oh how plans change) and then your body will be very, very angry with you for the rest of the day.

7. It is smart to bring two bottles of water with you-one for your run, and one to keep in the car for after your run. By the way, I recently bought this water bottle for runs and I love it. I can stash my keys and phone (must have because I have an irrational fear of being kidnapped) in it.
You slip your hand through strap so you don't have to grasp a bottle through your entire run
 I love my new water bottle but I wish it was just about a million times bigger. I go through a lot of water, course this may be why #2 happened....anyway, I am empty by the time I am done so it would be great to have another bottle once I finally drag my weak, untoned, ass to the car.

8. When your running route takes you by the same boys playing baseball multiple times they will assume that you want a piece of their hot action and yell to ask you if you like what you see. The answer must always be no because statutory rape? not a good thing.

9. There is magical power in the song Riverdance. Starts of slow but gets fast at around the 2:15 mark and for some reason my legs must keep up. It's weird.

10. Running is oddly addictive. Yes, I managed to find creepy ladies, convince teenage boys I want their bodies AND throw up but it was kind of awesome and I can't wait to do it all over again-luckily I will have this opportunity again and again and again...*sigh* I imagine the novelty will wear off and I will go back to hating running which is my usual feeling while I am actually doing the running.

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