Saturday, June 11, 2011

I know, I know, I know...I have been a very naughty blogger. The past few months have been so busy with me jumping back and forth between Connecticut and Oklahoma, getting ready to start a Ph.D. thus stress eating lots of chocolate and sun dried tomato hummus may have been involved...just kidding!....oh wait that actually happened :( and getting my house/garden in shape for summer visitors (seriously, I have 6 different guests heading this way this summer). Moral of the story is that I have lots to do but not very much motivation so this is the result:
I got back from Tulsa a few days ago and I have resolved to actually get stuff done course as I write this I'm sitting eating cereal and watching the entire Firefly series. Have you watched Firefly before? It's a great cross between a Western and Science Fiction. It got canceled way before it's time and I pretty much love anything by Joss Whedon who brought us the brilliance that is Buffy. Besides, Firefly provides lots of this:
Oh Nathan Fillion why don't you come be my 2nd husband? I make really delicious desserts and I have two very adorable cats.

Anyway, so I am finally settled back into my house so that means it is time to start working out again. I actually managed to run a few times in Tulsa (I didn't die so I count it as a win) but as I am trying (and mostly failing) at becoming a runner/slow jogger, I am trying to make myself run on a regular basis. I did my first CT outdoor run a few days ago with a pedometer I picked up at Target and after running for 30 minutes it told me I traveled a distance of .2 miles...I may be slow but not THAT slow. I have heard great things about Garmin GPS sport watches and have been debating buying one for months. A fellow blogger-who is super hilarious and you should totally go read her blog this very second,, recommended the Garmin 305. It tracks distance, pace and you can track all of your runs on the computer. I also like that it works for cycling as well. I don't bike very often but I may if I lose my fear of falling onto hard surfaces. I have this big scar on my knee from my last fall and I am a bit gun shy.
Not the most beautiful thing in the world but does the job
The price dropped to $128 so I snapped it up and it should be here Monday (yay! new toy!). I figure if I spend that much money on a watch I darn well better get my butt outside and run.
I would post a recipe for the yummy, marriage proposal inducing (from one of Logan's co-docs...a lady co-doc), strawberry pecan cake with cream cheese icing but I am too entranced by my future 2nd husband so perhaps the next post, which I promise won't be in three months...maybe three days.
Moral of the story:
I'm back bitches!
PS. As I finished this entry, a tween Zac Efron showed his pretty face on a Firefly episode and I had to share it with y'all:
"One day I'll spontaneously break into song about basketballs and big dreams"

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