Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fighting my inner fatty

Against my better judgment (and my inner fatty) I went running today. Instead of hanging around the neighborhood I went to a local park-it's huge and has tons of trails that wind around a lot through woods, fields (corn fields randomly-if it was darker and creepier I would have totally been scared of Children of the Corn happening), and typical park stuff. I ended up running for about 50 minutes which is a long time for me, I am slowly working my time up as I would like to be able to run for around 1.5 hours eventually. I am toying with the idea of training for a half marathon but then I realized that I should probably focus on simply not dying while running a 5k for now.
I went running in a fantastic OU shirt today and I figured people were watching me run by them because they recognized the greatness that is OU, not because they were simply wondering how someone could actually be jogging at that slow of a pace.
Boomer Sooner! (I swear I really did go run after I took this)
Pretty uneventful run but definitely hit some mental blocks. At many points my mind was saying "what the hell are you doing? You jogged for like 10 minutes, you're done! Lets go home and eat some chocolate." and "You look ridiculous running and you're crazy slow...look I think a turtle just passed you!" What can I say? my inner fatty is a mega-bitch. I think that is the hardest part of running, fighting the mental battle to keep going even when your mind is telling you to stop. I loved the feeling once I was done that I had run for almost an hour-that's a whole episode of Gilmore Girls without commercials!-and I lived. In fact, within a few minutes (and lots and lots of air conditioning) I was fine, a bit sweaty and red faced, but fine. Maybe I really could survive a half marathon (with lots and lots and lots of training).

PS. My mind was also saying this during my run:
MUST remember them next time.

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