Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Running outside is hard

Just got back from decent run. At the end I ran into a bunch of my neighbors (I have really nice, sociable neighbors) and their dogs freaked out and fought each other over who got to smell me. I hope that doesn't mean I smell like ground beef after a run. It was my first time using my new Garmin 305 aka my new favorite toy. I got it last night and spent a good hour playing with the features. Sure, it looks like an 80s calculator for your wrist but it tracks my exact distance, speed, time, heart rate etc. I also really like how I can design runs or courses online and upload them. You can even run against a certain pace or a previous run and little running figures depict how far ahead/behind/equal distance you are comparatively. Another handy feature is that it has a GPS which is really helpful considering I don't know my area incredibly well and there is a good chance I'll get lost at some point. I swear I am not getting a free Garmin for all this positive stuff, although if they want to send me one I'm totally on board :)

So for the past several runs I have been using a treadmill at my gym and today was my 2nd run outside. I have discovered the following:
     1. I must bring tissues. I don't know if it was allergies/cooler weather/etc but my nose was running like crazy-if only my legs would run that fast!-and I had no way to wipe it other than with my hand-grossness.
     2. Running outside is WAY harder than a treadmill!! I can't emphasize that enough: there are hills, dogs, people, cars, holes in the ground and all sorts of crazy stuff. I  felt guilty because my endurance is better on a treadmill so I consoled myself with the fact that running outside is harder, not sure if that is true but we'll go with it.
     3. Proper running shoes and socks are fantastic! My old shoes died a few days ago so I invested in some new ones today. I tried on a ton of pairs but my new ones have tons of support. I usually go with New Balance but didn't love any so I went with Ryka Revive 2 this time, specifically these:
I have to have non-white shoes because white shoes make my feet look like huge hobbit feet. Seriously, ginormous!
      3 cont. When I bought the shoes I went ahead and picked up some proper running socks. I have always used cotton and always gotten wicked blisters so I was mighty tempted when a running friend told me about synthetic socks for running. The salesman plus Runner's World recommended Experia socks:
The store I was at had a deal going where you buy one you get one 1/2 price so I picked up a couple pairs. So far I really like them, they fit a bit tighter than normal socks but the extra padding is really nice and after a semi-long run today there no blisters yay! I'll have to wait and see if they hold up and the multiple recommendations ring true.
     4. Last but certainly not least: MUST USE INHALER! I was running on this really flowery trail in the woods (crazy pretty) but all of a sudden my asthma started really acting up. It use to be way worse when I was a kid so I don't freak out during attacks but I really wished I had my inhaler on me because it made the last bit of the run kind of painful.
One of my favorite parts about running is discovering new things in your local area. Today I found a new trail that weaves through the woods and a bunch of wildflower fields. It was absolutely breathtaking. I will definitely run it again but the path is a bit wild so knowing my luck (and my extreme intolerance) I will probably get poison ivy. The semi-overgrown nature makes for a slow run because it's hard to actually see the path plus it's much more hilly.

On non-running notes, I was making coffee this morning and I spotted one of my favorite birds at my feeder: a Baltimore Oriole!! I always loved spotting these back in Oklahoma and my mom, aunt and I would almost always see them each year during our lake vacation so it was so neat to see one here. I didn't want to scare him away so I took a picture from inside my kitchen:

I love how brightly colored they are! I tweeted (not sure if that is an actual verb) the Connecticut Audubon Society and they replied that I most likely have a mated pair nesting somewhere in the trees in my backyard. How exciting! I love seeing new and unique birds at my feeders, makes sitting outside that much more enjoyable :)


  1. Elizabeth KetchumJune 15, 2011 at 12:24 PM

    Can't wait to visit and do a run with you! eeeee!

    Your Garmen sounds fantastic!

    And, regarding running on a treadmill vs. outdoors, I think it's a personal thing. I'm the opposite where I have much better endurance and speed outdoors and pretty much suck on the treadmill. So I envy you that :-)

  2. I am so excited about your visit too! We can definitely go run, at least I have warned you that I am at a turtle speed.
    I think the only reason why I can keep going on a treadmill is that I can entertain myself with tv, music, and the semi crazy people at my gym, whereas outside I have to concentrate on not falling.